Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The KC Chiefs in Wisconsin

The Kansas City Chiefs are holding their training camp at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in River Falls, WI. If you like football, it's a great idea to take the drive out there. It's a short drive from the Twin Cities, and it's a good time. There are relatively few people there: it's spacious and casual to move around watching an NFL team practice. It's a nice place to take a family, too.

If you go to River Falls, be sure to stop by the Grateful Bread bakery. Delicious cannolis! It's a great experience there. I've only had pastries and such there, but there are several vegetarian option on the menu, so I think I'll be stopping by there more frequently this year (especially since I'm ready to lighten up a little more on the mostly vegan lifestyle).

Here are some photos from our day at camp. First, your intrepid blogger, wearing his E.J. Henderson Viking t-shirt. I feel like a Henderson shirt outs me as a Viking rube. Any offensive skill position player would be expected, and defensive Pro Bowl stars like Antoine Winfield, Jared Allen, or Kevin Williams might be expected. But E.J. Henderson is a stud that the connoisseur Viking fan would root for. By the way, my son peed on this shirt and I went to the UW-RF book store to buy an emergency t-shirt (a UW-River Falls Theatre shirt--if I'm getting an emergency shirt, it might as well be for something I participated in).
My son Fox had a great time.

My wife and son Pacey.
The Chiefs' quarterbacks. A good looking group.
A nice interception

Dwayne Bowe

Matt Cassel. I think he could be a good quarterback.
Dwayne Bowe

A QB's pass goes by Dwayne Bowe's ankles.
Incidentally, we got to hear Chiefs' head coach Todd Haley yell at one wide receiver, and on a separate occasion he was shouting that a robot can't play wide receiver (hmm, a robot wide receiver). According to SI's Lee Jenkins, this is common occurance. On the topic, we also saw SI's Peter King watching practice. I mulled what a meeting might be like ("Hello Mr. King. I write for a Vikings blog where I spend a lot of time criticizing your writing. It's a pleasure to meet you").

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  1. I think Troy Williamson might have been a robot wide receiver. His hands kinda resembled this guy's.