Monday, June 8, 2009

Welcome, suckers.

Welcome to "That's how we do it in the T.C." Here's what we'll be discussing, with varying levels of stupidity.

We pay close attention to advertisements for some reason. They often displease us.

books, arts, ideas, good TV, bad TV

Our family is vegetarian. We'll write about eating, with special attention to vegan and vegetarian perspectives.

We walk around malls a lot.

a place to share amusing thoughts about raising kids.

sports, especially focused on the Minnesota Vikings (links and cross-posts with Pacifist Viking)

Minnesota life

living with our crazy idea about not killing animals

pacifist commentary on a militaristic culture

Religiously inclined
Comments on religion

It's like the 9th Amendment; we don't want to limit ourselves.

Hope you enjoy.

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