Friday, July 24, 2009

Anxiety in the Modern World

Have you seen these new hand dryers that are in some public restrooms (for example, some of the restrooms at the Rosedale Mall)? You stick your hands into a small gap, and then hot air from both sides dries your hands.

If this becomes a universal trend, I have a lifetime of drying my hands on my pants ahead of me.

I was immediately leery. I detest pubic restrooms anyway, and the idea of sticking my wet hands into a tiny hole where a bunch of strangers have already stuck their wet bathroom hands fills me with dread. But I thought I'd try it once. I ended up rewashing my hands--it's hard to avoid your hand bumping into the inside of the dryer, and I felt additional splashes of water coming onto my hand. And those additional splashes of water might have been from somebody else's wet bathroom hands. Wet bathroom hands. Wet bathroom hands. Wet bathroom hands.

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