Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On Evolution

I tell you this: children are monkeys.  They look like little monkeys.  Their little faces are like little monkey faces.  Their little arms are like little monkey arms.  You watch a child run around and jump around and grab onto things and latch onto an adult, and you're looking at a little monkey.

The sound of a baby's crying is good evidence for the Theory of Evolution, in my opinion.  It has to be so completely annoying to a human being's ears so that an adult is absolutely compelled to care for a distressed baby.  You can't sleep through it, you can't drown it out, you can't just take it as background noise.  The human baby's crying evolved along with the human adult's ear to allow human beings to flourish.  A baby in distress will get immediate attention from an adult.

This has been "On Evolution."

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