Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a small hope for peace

Not long ago, I viewed the commercial popularity of the Peace Sign as a symptom of apathetic consumerism: most Americans don't like our current wars, but all we're really doing about it is shopping.

But tonight while walking my dog, I passed over a sidewalk where children had been coloring with chalk. Somebody had drawn a peace sign. And I realized that over the past summer, I've seen children wearing the peace sign, pointing out the peace sign, celebrating the peace sign. And somehow, it's given me a little hope. If children are growing up with enthusiasm for a symbol of peace, perhaps some children are growing up in an environment where peace is celebrated. Perhaps there are children who are soaking in values of peace, forming ideas about peace.

When I see children coloring a peace sign on a sidewalk, I feel a small hope for peace.

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